We created Philippa + Jennifer because we believe in bringing inspiring words, thoughts and mantras to everyday life. We want to move away from a culture that celebrates the screen lifeto one that embraces a life in the present

We met in high school many moons ago in Vancouver, Canada. We lost contact for a bit whilst Philippa focused on starting her amazing family and Jennifer moved to London UK with her British husband. We always knew that we wanted to bring our 'moment inspired' madness together and build an experience. Fast forward a few decades and here we are!

Philippa brings her knowledge and experience from the fashion world. Jennifer brings her knowledge and experience from the yoga world. And, together we bring you moment inspired wear for a moment inspired world. Cool eh!

Within our collections, we hope that you find a style, a word, or a mantra that resonates with you and each time you wear a piece, you feel inspired to live in the moment. That driving force is why our brand has our name on it.


Philippa + Jennifer