our story 

Jennifer + Philippa 

living in the moment 

We created Humble + Grace because we believe in bringing inspiring words, thoughts and mantras to everyday life. We want to move away from a culture that celebrates the screen lifeto one that embraces a life in the present

We can become lost in everyday stresses and become overwhelmed with it all.  We know that all so well! We both left our stressful jobs after reaching a point in our health that was just too scary not to ignore. We took the jump and  pursued something that we love, something that we believe in, and something we wanted to share.  

When we source our ethical fashion, we always have you on our minds and hearts - to build a community of people who enjoy the simple joys of life, who want to slow down, and who want to remind the world to be inspired by the moment. 

Within our collections, we hope that you find a style, a word, or a mantra that resonates with you and each time you wear a piece, you feel inspired to live in the moment. 

finding mindfulness + love in our modern world

Humble & Grace